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Pestoff Pest Control specialise in the application of Termite Barriers. These barriers are always carried out to Australian Standard 3660-2.

The results of this type of treatment is that your home has a barrier to the full external perimeter and secondly to all termite entry points in the subfloor (ie everything touching the soil such as stumps, footings, pipes etc).

There has been some debate recently comparing barrier treatments against baiting as a method of termite control. The reasons Pestoff Pest Control favour barrier treatments are as follows:
• Barrier treatments offer an ongoing protection to your home.
• Barrier treatments are more cost effective.
• Barrier treatments come with a free service period (ie warranty).
• A barrier treatment using the appropriate chemical should eliminate the colony, which is what the baiting system is trying to achieve, but also protects against future attacks.
• Far quicker response to treatment reducing further damage.